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Edinbop’s All-Dances August

Edinbop is taking over the LifeCare Centre again this August! Every Thursday in August we’ll have one all-levels class (7.30–8.30pm) followed by an all-dances social dance (8.30–10.15pm) where our talented local DJs will play music for all of the dance styles that we do here at Edinbop: Blues, Balboa, Slow Bal, Solo Jazz, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, and St Louis shag.

The all-levels class is suitable for any level of blues/swing dancer, whether you’re completely new or you’ve been dancing for years. All classes are drop-in and all are welcome; no partner necessary. See our calendar for more details.

Free Outdoor Dancing on Saturday 22nd September!

Edinburgh Lindy Exchange is taking place on the weekend of 21st-23rd September – with attendees from all around Europe coming to our beautiful city to dance – and there’s some free dancing on Saturday 22nd!

Join us on the Mound, right next to the Scottish National Gallery, where we’ll be dancing outdoors to the Tenement Jazz band 1-3pm.

Before this there’s a beginner Lindy Hop class at 12:15pm taught by two of our regular teachers. Want a bit of a brush up before social dancing? Got a friend who wants to give this a try? This is the perfect time!

Check out the Facebook event for the class, and let your friends know that this is happening.

We’d love for you to join us! Let’s hope the weather holds up!

We’re back from our summer break!

Our usual weekly dancing has started up again in September, with our range of foundation and improver dance classes and social dancing. Here’s what we have on:

MONDAYS – Balboa
Boteco Do Brasil, 47 Lothian Street, EH1 1HB
7-8pm Balboa Improvers+
8-9pm Balboa Fundamentals
9-10pm Social dancing

The Newsroom, 5-11 Leith St, EH1 3AT
7-8pm Blues Foundations
8-9pm Blues Improvers+
9-11pm Social dancing

Summerhall, EH9 1PL
7-8pm Lindy Hop Foundations
8-9pm Lindy Hop Improvers+ (plus practice room)
9-11pm Social dancing


Our classes are always drop-in so you can come along at any time. If you’ve been taking a break over the summer we’re looking forward to having you back, and if you’re new to dancing then we’d love to see you this week!

Edinbop Winter Cabaret – 27 January 2016

Edinbop’s Winter Cabaret is back on the 27th Jan! This is always a fun night out and a great way to introduce friends and family to the dance scene. If you have a hidden talent and would like to perform, email info@edinbop.co.uk. Anything goes (dancing, singing, comedy, plate spinning – ANYTHING!) but please keep your act less than 3 MIN. We’re already looking forward to all the amazing stuff people will be doing this year!

Head to London and become a record breaker!

If you aren’t coming to our Lindy Hop Beginners Weekend Workshop on Saturday 10 – Sunday 11 October, why not head down to London and take part in the World’s Largest Charleston Dance Record Attempt?!

On Sunday 11 October, between 12pm-2pm, the London swing dance scene are hoping to beat the current record of 503 people, so they need all the help they can get!

To break the record, everyone has to know and dance the same routine – the choreographed dance is demonstrated here by the lovely Ben and Robyn:

As well as record breaking, there will be plenty of social dancing for the price of a £2 donation per person to raise money for Guy’s and St Thomas’ Cancer Charity.

Make sure you register in advance to help them count all the record breakers!

New Tuesday Evening Practice Space

The Crags Community Sports Centre Studio

Tuesdays 17.30 – 18.30


A bright, airy space with mirrors, music, wifi, and a perfect floor for self-guided practice – at a snip at just £2.50.

Whether you’ve just been to your very first lesson and want to work on telling your left foot from your right, or you have just learned a fancy new variation and want to check whether it looks elegant or more like you’re falling over – come along to this self-guided practice session for all levels!

Please note that while you can ask fellow attendees for feedback, no one attending will be in an official teaching capacity and this is not a class. It is also not a social dance, but rather an open space to practise specific things and give each other constructive feedback, if desired.

We encourage you to find your own practice partner (or several) and come with things to practise in mind – something you struggled with in a class or something cool you saw on youtube. If you’re feeling brave, you could even video yourself dancing!

The music will be suitable for practising Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz/Charleston, but may also be suitable for Balboa. Speed and style will depend on attendees, and you are welcome to bring your own music.

In addition to classes and social dancing, self-guided practice is one of the best ways to develop and take charge of your dancing, so come along and give it a go!

BIG MUSIC DAY – Get in the mood with some classic swing tunes.

To get you in the mood for the BIG MUSIC DAY coming Saturday 12th April, here are some excellent swing tunes for you to listen too.

Also, if you aren’t too familiar with what you are listening to on a Wednesday night this is a great wee intro.


Benny Goodman – Christopher Columbus
Fats Waller – All That Meat and No Potatoes
Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Webb and His Orchestra – Lindy Hopper’s Delight
Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie – Shiny Stockings – A Frankie Manning Favourite!


Ever seen everyone get on the floor and dance the shim sham or jitterbug stroll but not know the music?

Shim Sham – Jimmie Lunceford – T’ain’t What You Do
Tranky Doo – Tommy Dorsey – Dispy Doodle
Jitterbug Stroll – Woody Herman – At the Woodchopper’s Ball
The Big Apple – Solomon Douglas – The Big Apple Contest

Don’t forget to book your advance tickets for the Battle of the Bands in order to save £3 on a ticket!
8pm – late @ Edinburgh Academy (Dining Hall), 42 Henderson Row, EH3 5BL

Edinbop’s Big Music Day – 12 April – Bookings now open!

Edinbop are pleased to announce that BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN for the Big Music Day with Glenn Crytzer!

Extra places have been added for the workshop! Book here  http://bigmusicday.dancecamps.org/booking.php


Saturday 12 April 2014 is Edinbop’s Big Music Day:

~ Understanding the music with the one and only Glenn Crytzer; one of the swing scene’s foremost bandleaders (11am-5pm)

“This workshop will give you a foundation in the music, an understanding of the history and different styles, and tools you can use to help you listen more carefully and delve more deeply into the music. Opening up your ears steps your dancing up a level – instantly.” (Glenn)

~ And of course there will be a night of dancing (8pm – late) – featuring for the first time a live BATTLE OF THE BANDS with The New Pheonix Jazz Band vs. The Maid of the Forth Stompers!!! Let’s get our dancing shoes on!~

Workshop + Battle of the Bands Ticket (non-student) – £25
Workshop + Battle of the Bands Ticket (student) – £20
Battle of the Bands Ticket Only (bought in advance) – £12
Battle of the Bands Ticket Only (bought on the door) – £15

For more info see https://www.facebook.com/events/623722927690624/

6 Week Solo Jazz Course with Helen Cheney

Learn to dance to the swing jazz rhythms of the 1920s to 40s. This
is a great opportunity to get dancing and let jazz rhythms flow
through your feet. This course will focus on jazz movements, rhythms
and style through routines and solo improvisation dancing.

This course is suitable for complete beginners, so if you don’t have
any experience that’s no problem!

Each week we’ll build the repertoire of moves and rhythms.

At the end of this course you’ll have:

  • Knowledge of classic swing jazz and Charleston moves
  • Rhythm in your feet and body
  • Be able to dance some jazz routines
  • Feel more confident to improvise on the dance floor

6 week course £30/£27 students

7:30pm, Thursdays, starts March 13th, 2014 @ Kirk o Field, 140 Pleasance

Register at www.swingjamswing.com/classes

Join on Facebook to stay up to date!

Styling workshop with Helen Cheney – 8 Feb 2014

International dance teacher, Helen Cheney, is running 2 hour workshop on improving body awareness and styling for lindy hop and blues dancers. The space will have mirrors so we can get a better feel for how our bodies move and the shapes we’re making.

Improving style leads to:
Better dancing posture (less aches and pains)
Looking and feeling better on the dance floor
Improving lead and follow
Better flow in your dancing

This will be primarily targeted at follow styling, however leads are welcome to join.

£12 or £10 students

Register at www.swingjamswing.com/workshops

Join on Facebook to stay up to date!