Head to London and become a record breaker!

If you aren’t coming to our Lindy Hop Beginners Weekend Workshop on Saturday 10 – Sunday 11 October, why not head down to London and take part in the World’s Largest Charleston Dance Record Attempt?!

On Sunday 11 October, between 12pm-2pm, the London swing dance scene are hoping to beat the current record of 503 people, so they need all the help they can get!

To break the record, everyone has to know and dance the same routine – the choreographed dance is demonstrated here by the lovely Ben and Robyn:

As well as record breaking, there will be plenty of social dancing for the price of a £2 donation per person to raise money for Guy’s and St Thomas’ Cancer Charity.

Make sure you register in advance to help them count all the record breakers!

Edinbop Beginners Weekends for Balboa and Lindy Hop

Through the autumn Edinbop is offering you the opportunity to learn to dance. So for those of you who want take your first steps on the dancefloor, or are tempted to learn something new, you’re in luck! We’ve got, not one, but TWO Beginners Weekends coming up!

It’s only £25 for each weekend (£20 for students) and, to sweeten the deal even more, if you book for both, you get a £5 discount on each!!

So tell your friends, family, colleagues and partners and register today!

For more about the Lindy Hop Beginners Weekend on Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th October check out the Facebook page.

and sign up here!

And for more about the Balboa Beginners Weekend on Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd November check out this Facebook page.

and sign up here!

Balboa Fundamentals – come get your shuffle on!

Starting on 7th October and running through to the end of November is a new block of Balboa Fundamentals classes suitable for total beginners as well as people who have been coming for a while!

As usual, these start at 8pm with an hour of class.

The two month block will be progressive and students are encouraged to start in the first week of October and come to classes consecutively to allow everyone to build on what they learn. Please note, complete beginners must start in the first two weeks of the course.

Classes will be taught by Kym and Terssa in October, with Carsten and Sarah in November.

Check out Mickey and Kelly for inspiration.

Edinburgh Balboa Weekend 2016

The Edinburgh Balboa Weekend 2015 was a great success, so there’s nothing more to it than do it all over again so we are delighted to announce that Mickey Fortanasce and Kelly Arsenault will be back for the Edinburgh Balboa Weekend 2016!

Bookings are now open! Register Here

The weekend will be in February this time around and run from 19-21st of February and includes:
– Intermediate level and above workshops, with Mickey and Kelly, on the Saturday and Sunday. As in 2015 we will have an additional Advanced level class on the Sunday morning.
– Improvers level workshop with Christie Rankin and Jason Roseweir on the Saturday.
– Social dances: Friday Welcome Party. Saturday Dance with live music from Havana Swing. Then the Sunday Tea Dance to wrap things up .

More details at the event’s facebook page

Special guests and live music at the Spoonful Blues

September 29 – Live music from The Blueswater

The Tuesday Night Spoonful is back with a bang – we’re very excited to announce that on Sept 29, local  heroes – The BluesWater – will be playing an acoustic set during our social dance at The Newsroom. These guys played a storming set at The Spoonful, and it’ll be something special to have them play an intimate set just for us… Classes and social will be the regular prices and we’ll be filling a bucket to show the band our appreciation.

New blues teaching lineup for October

October sees a fantastic teaching lineup of special guests kicking off with Jo Meyer & Ian Brooks teaching their first blues class in Edinburgh (6 Oct); international blues & fusion teacher, Luke Weismann, is dropping in on the 13th for a special class with Leigh; and Julie is bringing us on home with classes with Kym and Carolyn.

October 9-11… Scotland Invades ABERDEEN!

The second in a series of weekends where Blues dancers from all over Scotland (and beyond) sweep up a city and dance in ALL the places! ALL the time! And it’s as free/cheap as we can possibly make it. Dance parties, socialising, and a 2 hour workshop with Lucas Weismann – all for an absolute bargain (suggested payment @ £10/person). Join the FB event to keep up to date!




Lindy Hop Intermediate Course

Your favourite weekly chance to dance is back at the Counting House, every Wednesday.

We’re also very happy to report that the fantastic Tim and Shell are inviting Edinburgh’s experienced dancers the chance to be challenged in their Intermediates Course!

This Intermediates Course is ideal if you:
– Social dance regularly
– Have attended a few workshops and weekly improver classes for a year or more
– Have a good appreciation of the fundamentals such as swing outs, lindy turns, lindy circle, texas tommy, swivels for followers, and charleston variations such as side-by-side and tandem charleston
– Want to take your dancing to the next level by refining your movements, as well as increasing your repertoire of moves

Where’s it happening and how do I sign up?!

This four-week course will run from 19:30 – 21:00, Friday 20 November – Friday 11 December, at the Eric Liddell Centre, and the whole course will cost just £20 (£18 for students!).

Places are limited, so book now to secure a spot!
Please note that these classes are not available for drop-in dancers. If you can’t make all four weeks, don’t worry, but you must register for the full course.

Beginners Weekend Workshop – October 2015

On Saturday 10 – Sunday 11 October, we’re holding a Beginners Weekend Workshop at the Counting House. This workshop with Bryony and Craig will focus on good fun, good technique and good moves! (And at a good price too – only £25 / £20 for students!)

An ideal way to build those solid basics and confidence to get on the dancefloor. Alternatively, if you’ve been thinking about learning to lead when you usually follow, or vice versa, now is your chance!

There will also be a beginner-friendly tea dance for £3 on Sunday 11 October (included in your ticket price if you attend a class).

See who else is going on the Facebook event and book your place today!


Weekly classes return in September

Just a reminder that, due to our venues being used for the Fringe Festival, the regular Tuesday Night Spoonful weekly Blues classes will return on Tuesday 1 September and we’ll be back with Shoe Swing at the Counting House on Wednesday 2 September.

For those of you still in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival, keep an eye on the Facebook groups for last minute updates and dancing opportunities.

Thanks to dance enthusiasts Ellen and Rob, we’ll be at Inch Park Community Sports Club, 227 Gilmerton Road, EH16 5UD for some dancing fun from 6:30pm on Wednesday 5 August. It’s only £3 for hours of dancing, so come along!
More details are available on Facebook.

See you again in September!

New Tuesday Evening Practice Space

The Crags Community Sports Centre Studio

Tuesdays 17.30 – 18.30


A bright, airy space with mirrors, music, wifi, and a perfect floor for self-guided practice – at a snip at just £2.50.

Whether you’ve just been to your very first lesson and want to work on telling your left foot from your right, or you have just learned a fancy new variation and want to check whether it looks elegant or more like you’re falling over – come along to this self-guided practice session for all levels!

Please note that while you can ask fellow attendees for feedback, no one attending will be in an official teaching capacity and this is not a class. It is also not a social dance, but rather an open space to practise specific things and give each other constructive feedback, if desired.

We encourage you to find your own practice partner (or several) and come with things to practise in mind – something you struggled with in a class or something cool you saw on youtube. If you’re feeling brave, you could even video yourself dancing!

The music will be suitable for practising Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz/Charleston, but may also be suitable for Balboa. Speed and style will depend on attendees, and you are welcome to bring your own music.

In addition to classes and social dancing, self-guided practice is one of the best ways to develop and take charge of your dancing, so come along and give it a go!

Shoe Swing Live Band Night featuring The Foo Birds

You asked for more live music, and we are only too happy to oblige!

The Foo Birds will return for the social dance on the 15th April. The price for the social is as normal (£3), but if you want to show your appreciation for live music, there will be a tip jar for a suggested donation of £3 that will go directly to our lovely band.

All classes will run as normal:

Main Room
7pm-8pm Beginners Lindy Hop
8pm-9pm Improvers Lindy Hop
9pm-11pm Social dancing with the Foo Birds

Second Room
7pm-8pm Improvers Balboa
8pm-9pm Beginners Balboa

One dance class – £5.50 / £4.50 concessions
Two dance classes – £10 / £8 concessions
Social dancing – £3 (What a bargain!) Free if you take a class