2016 classes start dates


With our last classes of 2015 taking place on 8th December (Blues) and 9th December (Lindy Hop and Balboa), we’re all looking forward to a break over Christmas.  But we know that you’re all itching to find out when we start back too.

Blues – Tuesday 12th January 2016 at The Newsroom

Lindy Hop – Wednesday 6th January 2016 at the Counting House

Balboa – Wednesday 6th January 2016 at the Counting House


We hope to see everyone there!

Edinburgh Balboa Weekend 2016 – Bookings now Open


Registrations are now open for the Edinburgh Balboa Weekend 2016.

Register here

This is going to be an amazing weekend with Mickey Fortanasce and Kelly Arsenault . I’m also delighted that we’ll have Christi Rankin and Jason Roseweir joining us again for the improver classes.

For more information about the event go to Edinburgh Balboa Weekend 2016 or check out the Facebook event  page

Edinbop Beginners Weekends for Balboa and Lindy Hop


Through the autumn Edinbop is offering you the opportunity to learn to dance. So for those of you who want take your first steps on the dancefloor, or are tempted to learn something new, you’re in luck! We’ve got, not one, but TWO Beginners Weekends coming up!

It’s only £25 for each weekend (£20 for students) and, to sweeten the deal even more, if you book for both, you get a £5 discount on each!!

So tell your friends, family, colleagues and partners and register today!

For more about the Lindy Hop Beginners Weekend on Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th October check out the Facebook page.

and sign up here!

And for more about the Balboa Beginners Weekend on Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd November check out this Facebook page.

and sign up here!

Balboa Fundamentals – come get your shuffle on!


Starting on 7th October and running through to the end of November is a new block of Balboa Fundamentals classes suitable for total beginners as well as people who have been coming for a while!

As usual, these start at 8pm with an hour of class.

The two month block will be progressive and students are encouraged to start in the first week of October and come to classes consecutively to allow everyone to build on what they learn. Please note, complete beginners must start in the first two weeks of the course.

Classes will be taught by Kym and Terssa in October, with Carsten and Sarah in November.

Check out Mickey and Kelly for inspiration.

Edinbop’s Winter Cabaret 28th Jan 2015!


Edinbop’s Winter Cabaret is Back 28th Jan! This is always a fun night out and a great way to introduce friends and family to the dance scene. If you have a hidden talent and would like to perform email info@edinbop.co.uk. Anything goes but please keep the acts less than 4 MIN. We’re already looking forward to all the amazing stuff people will be doing this year!

Lindy classes in November with Kat and Piotrek


Coming up this November we have the fabulous Katharina and Piotrek teaching beginners and improvers lindy! Ever seen everyone get up and do a cool routine at the same time? Well, in November you have the chance to learn one. Kat and Piotrek will be teaching the Tranky Doo in the improvers slot over the course of 2 weeks so you can join in too, it’ll great fun!

Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Class with Paul and Christi


Saturday 4 October is the next monthly ‘not to be missed’ Advanced Lindy class with Paul and Christi.

When: Saturday 4 October, 2-5pm
Where: Calton Centre, Montgomery St (next to Easter Road)
How much: Bargain prices of £6 / £4 students – for the whole 3 hours!

Classes: opens with jazz routine for warm up and introducing new footwork; lindy hop class 1; break; lindy hop class 2

For more info and to keep up to date with future classes, join the Advanced Lindy Classes in Edinburgh Facebook group.

We’re back, baby!


We hope you’ve had a smashing Fringe Festival but for those who’ve been shuffling their feet, desperate to get on to the dancefloor, the time has come! Edinbop is back with a whole new session of classes THIS WEEK.

The Tuesday Night Spoonful brings you blues with Sebastian and the girl so cool, even Iceland couldn’t contain her – Sigga – from 7pm, Tuesday 02 Sept @ The Newsroom (Leith Street). Check out our Facebook group to stay up to date with all things bluesy: https://www.facebook.com/groups/249230535232132/

Wednesday 03 Sept brings you double the goodness with Balboa AND Lindy @ the Counting House from 7pm:

Balboa is back. Every Wednesday from 7pm at the Counting House. September Special: Jason and Toni. It doesn’t get any better.

Shoe Swing returns with special guests, Lee & Seema. Seema says: “Lee and I are looking forward to teaching all you Edinboppers through September. Come along to a great friendly place in Edinburgh to learn your swing skills”

Cabaret 23d July – One week away!


We’re only 7 days away from the last shoeswing before the August break and what better way to go out than a cabaret!

The Summer Cabaret is set to be great fun and an excellent way to get into the festival spirit, so bring your friends and family along for a good time. There are still some places left if you’ve got hidden talents and would like to dazzle, don’t be shy ;).  Just email edinbop@info.co.uk

See you there!


Summer Cabaret 23rd July!


We’re less than two weeks out from cabaret now and it’s set to be a really great night! What better way to get into the festival spirit than some fun acts and lovely dancing.

There is still space available if you have a hidden talent and would like to perform, just email info@edinbop.co.uk.