Edinbop’s new Safer Spaces policy!

In the coming weeks, you will notice Edinbop committee members wearing “Safer Spaces” badges. We think they’re pretty cute. But there is another reason we’re wearing them; we want you to know that Edinbop is somewhere you can feel safe.

See, we’ve been having a lot of conversations on safety lately. These were prompted by the revelation that an international lindy teacher had been preying on women in the dance community. Dancers such as him are rare, and not a reflection of the dance community as a whole. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 

We have an obligation to our community to ensure it is filled with respect, safety, and consent. That can’t happen unless we take an active role in promoting a safe environment for all dancers.

We try our best to promote such an environment. There is a code of conduct ( which everyone, teachers and students alike, are expected to follow.

But we can do more. And we’re starting now.

1. Our website has a new “Safer Spaces” section:
This section will be filled with resources on consent and on ways you can help make our dance community somewhere everyone can feel welcome.

2. Edinbop dance floors are “Safer Spaces”, and we want everyone to know it. Edinbop’s Code of Conduct will now be placed on the ticket table for novice and experienced dancers alike to look at.

3. We have designated Safer Spaces representatives. Please reach out to Josephine Cahill, Ellen Mears, or Rob Armitage (or any other committee member you feel comfortable with) if you ever need to talk. You will be treated with respect and sensitivity. All conversations are completely confidential. The representatives’ contact information may now be found on Edinbop’s website.

Let’s continue this conversation. Please write us at with how we can make our dance community even safer, together.

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