Edinbop has a variety of instructors from the Edinburgh scene who volunteer their time to teach people to dance Lindy Hop, Blues and Balboa.

Many of our teachers are available for private lessons – these can be for individuals, couples, small groups, or for special events such as hen parties. Some teachers are also available for longer workshops and weekend events. Please email for their contact details.


Christine Simpson

Dancing since: 2016Christine social dancing
Favourite styles: Balboa, Lindy Hop
Available for: Workshops and private lessons
Teaching role: Follow

Christine first started dancing Lindy Hop in London and then met the true love of her life, Balboa, shortly after. She loves teaching with an emphasis on social dancing and learning about the history of the dance.

Photo by Léa L’attentive

Christine is also a member of the Edinbop committee.


Ellen Mears

Dancing since: 2012Ellen social dancing with Rob
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop, 30s Charleston, 20s Charleston, Balboa
Available for: Workshops & private lessons (in Lindy and Charleston), choreography, and performances
Teaching role: Follow

Ellen started her swing dance journey in 2012 while studying at university in Leeds. Having never stepped foot on a dancefloor except for the occasional boogie to 80s power ballads, she was not perhaps the most natural of dancers. Nonetheless, Ellen persisted and today she focuses on breaking down the movement and mechanics that make the dance possible, doing so in a way that enables dancers of any ability to get the most out of their dancing. She also aims to remove the stress and anxiety from social dancing, hoping to making swing dancing accessible to all.

Photo by Kit Carruthers

Ellen is also a member of the Edinbop committee.

Kayleigh Ellis

Dancing since: 2011Kayleigh dancing with Rob
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop
Available for: Workshops and private lessons
Teaching role: Both lead and follow

Kayleigh started dancing in 2011 when she stumbled upon her university’s swing dance society. Realising it was full of lovely people having the best time, she got slightly hooked (or more like completely obsessed). A year abroad in Seattle, spending more time dancing that studying, cemented Kayleigh’s love of following, and most of all, swivels. Although Kayleigh has been a member of performance groups, most of all she loves Lindy Hop as a social dance, and likes to focus in class on technique that will give followers what they need to work in partnership with their lead, and the confidence to bring their own style to the dance.

Photo by Jason Roseweir / Roseweir Photography

Kayleigh is also a member of the Edinbop committee.

Rob Armitage

Dancing since: 2008Rob derping on the dancefloor with Ellen
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Blues, Collegiate Shag
Available for: Workshops and private lessons (in Lindy Hop and Charleston), choreography and performances, and DJing
Teaching role: Both lead and follow

Rob started dancing Lindy Hop while at Leeds University and has enjoyed being on the social dancefloor ever since. After moving to Edinburgh in 2015, he got to know the community and instantly felt like he belonged. Now, he teaches Lindy Hop regularly for Edinbop and other groups in the city, as well as at events around Scotland and England. Rob truly appreciates having the opportunity to learn dances like Blues, Shag and Balboa with such a wonderful group of people.

Photo by Kit Carruthers

Rob is also a member of the Edinbop committee.

Catherine Ainscoe

Dancing since: 2007Catherine dancing
Favourite styles: Balboa
Teaching role: Both lead and follow

After a few years of Scottish country dancing, Catherine discovered swing dancing in 2007. She took her first balboa class in 2009 and was hooked. After a break from teaching whilst living abroad, she is delighted to be back teaching for Edinbop!




Rebecca Brouwers

Dancing since: 2013Rebecca dancing Shag with Adam
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, St Louis Shag
Available for: Workshops and private lessons
Teaching role: Follow

Rebecca has loved dancing from an early age and can’t stop grooving if there’s a good beat going. After a few years without dancing she started lindy hopping at university after trying to find an open welcoming dance class, to get those feet moving again! Once her partner Adam discovered Collegiate Shag she got swept along by his enthusiasm and quickly fell in love with it too. Rebecca loves to sprinkle her classes with joy and grooviness, along with a good pinch of technique, and (like Adam) is particularly keen on encouraging more people to dance both Collegiate and St Louis Shag.

Photo by Léa L’attentive for Salty Jitterbugs

Shell Davies

Michelle DJing

Dancing since: 2005
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop, Blues
Available for: Workshops, private lessons, and DJing
Teaching role: Both lead and follow

Shell caught the dancing bug back in 2005 after being invited along by some work colleagues to try some dancing at ESDS and has been hooked ever since. She was one of the founding committee members of Edinbop back in 2006 and was one the first blues dancing teachers involved in the Scotland scene’s early formation. Since then she has been a teacher of both lindy hop (often with her regular partner Tim Bayman) and blues at Edinbop and afar. She is also an eager collector of swing and blues and you can find her regularly DJing at local and international events.

Bryony Donnelly

Dancing since: 2012Bryony on the social dancefloor
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop
Teaching role: Both lead and follow

One of Edinbop’s regular class teachers, Lindy Hop is where Bryony gets most of her kicks – both as a lead and a follow. Bryony has been teaching for a few years, and her favourite thing is seeing a student catch the bug! She loves helping Edinburgh’s local dance scene grow and is always up for a social dance. Bryony also dabbles in Collegiate Shag, Balboa and occasionally Blues.



Greg Dyke

Dancing since: 2010Greg dancing solo
Favourite styles: Blues, Lindy Hop, Balboa
Available for: Workshops and private lessons (particularly in partnership with Jess Feldbauer)
Teaching role: Both lead and follow

Greg loves how dancing brings out the best in everyone, and he tries to contribute to that by teaching locally and across the UK and Europe. He value comfortable dancing and musical partnered expression. Greg’s teaching emphasises good body mechanics, simple explanations, and helping people become the dancer they want to be, rather than imposing the One True Way. He only has about three flashy moves and mostly never uses them.

Photo by Patrick Bafon

Jess Feldbauer

Dancing since: 2004Jess dancing solo Blues
Favourite styles: Blues, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa
Available for: Weekly lessons, private lessons, and workshops in Blues (particularly in partnership with Greg Dyke)
Teaching role: Both lead and follow

Jess was introduced to East Coast swing in 2004, but it took until 2009 for her to meet the dance-love of her life: blues. After dancing her way across the world, Jess began teaching blues dancing in 2013 and continues to dance and teach both locally and internationally. She is passionate about the artistry and mechanics of leading and following and about using happy, integrated body movement to create an even more enjoyable dance experience, which is evident in her teaching. Jess values comfort, playfulness and joint expression in her dances.

Photo by Benoît Guérin

Ray Finlayson

Dancing since: 2012Ray dancing solo
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Blues, Charleston
Available for: Private lessons, performances, choreography, and DJing
Teaching role: Lead, follow, and solo

After seeing a crowd of people swing dancing, Ray decided to investigate this joy-inducing activity they were all doing. He went to a lesson, and that was all he needed to get hooked. Since then he has only sought to dance as much as he can, whether it be in Edinburgh, or some far off country. He loves musicality and believes first and foremost that dancing should be fun for all involved. You’ll likely find him on the dancefloor, dancing in the DJ booth, or teaching classes both locally and internationally.

Photo by Kit Carruthers

 Sarah Hall

Dancing since: 2015Sarah performing Solo Jazz
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz
Teaching role: Follow and solo

Sarah found swing dancing in 2015 when she moved to Edinburgh for university. She started dancing at the age of 4, taking classes in ballet, tap, modern theatre and modern jazz, but when she found swing it quickly took over as her favourite. She loves to look at musicality and connection when teaching, and enjoys sharing her love for lindy hop and solo jazz with as many people as she can!

Photo by Kit Carruthers


Adam Harries

Dancing since: 2013Adam dancing with Rebecca
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, St Louis Shag
Available for: Workshops and private lessons (and especially keen on the latter for Collegiate & St Louis Shag)
Teaching role: Lead

Adam has played jazz for many years, but it was only at university (at the suggestion of Rebecca), that he tried dancing to it. Together, they checked out the “Lindy Hop” and have been hooked on swing dance ever since. After a chance encounter at a swing festival in 2015, Adam also discovered Collegiate Shag, and very quickly fell in love with it. Adam loves mixing technicality and musicality in his classes, and is particularly keen on spreading the good word of SHAG – both Collegiate, and more recently, St Louis.

Photo by Léa L’attentive for Salty Jitterbugs

Carsten Hermann

Dancing since: 2009Carsten on the social dance floor
Favourite styles: Balboa, Lindy Hop
Teaching role: Lead

Dancing Lindy Hop since more than a decade, Carsten is focusing today on his real dance passion, Balboa. Carsten started swing dancing in 2009 and has attended many international dance events and workshops over the years. He is particularly interested in dancing socially and in teaching this skill to other dancers, regardless of prior experience.

Photo by Jason Roseweir / Roseweir Photography



Chiara Marin

Dancing since: 2014Chiara volunteering for The Spoonful
Favourite styles: Balboa
Available for: Workshops and private lessons
Teaching role: Follow

Chiara’s first steps into swing dancing were with Blues and Lindy Hop, but she soon discovered Balboa – almost by accident! Balboa has since become her favourite dance style. Chiara loves exploring follower’s footwork variations and ways to influence leaders.

Photo by Jean-Baptiste Lamontre 



Melody McIndoe

Dancing since: 2012Melody competing in solo jazz
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz
Available for: Workshops, private lessons, events, choreography and performances
Teaching role: Follow, switch, and solo

Melody took her first Lindy Hop steps as an exchange student in Canada and was immediately addicted to the fun and freedom that came with having a musical conversation with a partner on the social dance floor. After moving back to Inverness in 2014, her swing-dance-deficient hometown, she began to travel to events all over Europe to get her fix and the opportunity to learn from international instructors. Since then she’s placed in competitions around the country, taught regularly, established Highland Swing in Inverness and run The Ness Around 2016 & 2017. She love love loves the Lindy Hop and hopes to bring her enthusiasm for hard-swingin’ music, rhythm and social dancing to the classroom.

Photo by Kit Carruthers

Jo Meyer

Dancing since: 2009Jo social dancing
Favourite styles: Blues
Available for: Workshops, private lessons, and events
Teaching role: Both lead and follow

Jo tried a number of different dance styles over the years, starting with Ballet as a child, through Ballroom, Egyptian Belly dance, Salsa and Lindy Hop before discovering Blues in 2009. There was an instant attraction which has become a long term love affair with the Blues. Wanting to share her love of Blues, Jo became a co-organiser for a variety of events including Blues & Fusion brunches, Black Label Blues and Moonshine Blues Festival. She finally started teaching in 2015 after taking the time to clarify concepts in her own head before sharing them with others. Her teaching tends to focus on techniques which dancers can use to communicate with their partners, to improvise and play.

Photo by Kristin Ladström

Lee Paterson

Dancing since: 2000Lee dancing with Seema
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Jitterbug, 20s Charleston, Solo Charleston, Jazz routines
Available for: Private lessons, performances, choreography, re-enactment events, and DJing
Teaching role: Lead

Lee found a passion for Swing Dance in 2000 and he has been teaching and performing, throughout the UK and Europe, with his wife Seema since 2002. They also run their own weekly Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag classes in Edinburgh through their Jump Time dance group and have had the privilege of organising and performing at a considerable number of events over the years. They ensure their classes are always fun with an emphasis on styling, musicality, individuality and a healthy dose of dance history (thrown in for good measure).

You can also contact Lee through his Jump Time group on Facebook.

Seema Paterson

Dancing since: 2000Seema performing with Lee
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Jitterbug, 20s Charleston, Jazz routines
Available for: Private lessons, performances, and re-enactment events
Teaching role: Follow

Seema has always loved vintage music and clothing and learning to swing dance added to the whole passion for that era. She have been teaching swing dance with her husband and dance partner Lee since 2002. They also run their own weekly Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag classes in Edinburgh through their Jump Time dance group. Seema tries to pass on her love and enjoyment of Swing Dance in her classes and above all make sure her students have fun. Watching the happy faces of all the people they have taught over the years is the reason they still do it and love it so much!

You can also contact Seema through her Jump Time group on Facebook.

Rosie Peters

Rosie performing for Edinbop

Dancing since: 2014
Favourite styles: Lindy Hop, Blues, Collegiate Shag
Available for: Private lessons, choreography, and performances
Teaching role: Follow

Rosie started swing dancing in 2014 but has been dancing since she was 4. She started out dancing tap, ballet and modern jazz, before moving on to choreography at university. Once she moved to Edinburgh, she took up many types of Scottish dancing, as well as Salsa and Balfolk (European folk dancing), before catching the swing bug! When teaching, she loves to focus on musicality and partner connection, and above all injecting in as much fun as possible!

Photo by Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall

Julie Rodor

Dancing since: 2011Julie dancing on the social dancefloor
Favourite styles: Blues, Balboa
Available for: Privates lessons and group bookings
Teaching role: Both lead and follow

Julie started swing dancing with Lindy Hop in 2011, and discovered Blues and Balboa one year later. She rapidly fell in love with Blues dancing, Blues music… and a Blues musician. Julie has learned in Edinburgh but also by attending many workshops all over Europe. She enjoys teaching Blues dancing in Edinburgh, and particularly likes to work on close embrace connection, micro-blues, flow, and momentum, all within a switch class format where everybody learns to both lead and follow. She also enjoys fusion dancing as she loves to combine different styles of dancing.