This August

This August, We’ll be dancing in Stockbridge on Thursday evenings.¬†Join us for taster classes from 7-8pm and social dancing from 8-10pm. We’ll have a mix of music for dancing Lindy Hop, Blues, Shag and Balboa.

The classes will be beginner-friendly and for all levels. The first class is Lindy Hop, on the 4th, followed by Collegiate Shag (11th), Blues (18th) and Balboa (25th).

What's On?

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The dances we offer

Lindy Hop & Charleston


Jazz Steps

Balboa & Bal-Swing

Collegiate Shag

Slow Balboa & Laminu

About Us

Founded in 2006, Edinbop offers dance classes, social dancing and related activities for Swing and Blues dancing in Edinburgh, Scotland.

We have regular classes in Lindy Hop & Charleston, Blues and Balboa and occasionally also offer Jazz Steps, Collegiate Shag, Slow Balboa & Laminu and more.