Safer Spaces Policy

At Edinbop, we insist on respect for all people, regardless of sex, gender expression or sexual orientation, race, religion, or nationality. We will treat everyone equally, regardless of age, ability, physical appearance, lifestyle, dance experience or dance role.

Please take a moment to read our Code of Conduct.

Edinbop has a Safer Spaces Committee, currently made up of: Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall, Gregory Dyke, and Iris Kyr.

If you ever need to chat, please speak with one of our Safer Spaces Officers. Alternatively, they can be contacted using the form below. Anything raised to the Safer Spaces Committee will be dealt with respectfully and confidentially.

Contact the Safer Spaces Committee
Please choose who you want to send this form to. If you have no preference, please select someone who is involved in your dance style.
Allowing members of the Safer Spaces Team to discuss the details of this form with each other may mean we are able to respond more quickly. However, we recognise that you may not be comfortable with all members of the team being aware of your report.
Please answer the question above to submit the form.



For more resources on safer dance spaces, please visit Safety in Swing Dancing.

For information on consent in general, this document is a good resource.

Swing Patrol have also created an excellent guide to dancefloor etiqutte: