Edinbop has a variety of instructors from the Edinbop scene who volunteer their time to teach people to dance Lindy Hop, Blues and Balboa.

Some teachers are available for workshops, hen parties and private lessons. Please email for their contact details.


Shell Davies

Dancing since: 2005
Favourite swing dance style(s): Lindy Hop and Blues
Available for: Workshops and private lessons
Shell caught the dancing bug back in 2005 after being invited along by some work colleagues to try some dancing at ESDS and has been hooked ever since. She was one of the founding committee members of Edinbop back in 2006 and was one the first blues dancing teachers involved in the Scotland scene’s early formation. Since then she has been a teacher of both lindy hop (often with her regular partner Tim Bayman) and blues at Edinbop and afar. She is also an eager collector of swing and blues and you can find her regularly DJing at local and international events.

Leigh Anderson

Dancing since: 2011
Favourite Styles: All the Blues
Available for: Workshops and private lessons
I discovered partner dancing 4 years ago and have been madly in love with the blues ever since; and I’m lucky enough to get to teach, organise and DJ at events around the UK and Europe.

Seema Paterson

Dancing since: 2000
Favourite swing dance style(s): Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Jitterbug, 1920’s Charleston, Jazz routines
Available for: Group/Private lessons, performance and re-enactment events
I have always loved vintage music and clothing and learning to swing dance added to the whole passion for that era. I have been teaching swing dance with my husband and dance partner Lee since 2002. We have also run our monthly swing dance event called Jump Time since 2006. I try to pass on my love and enjoyment of Swing Dance in my classes and above all make sure our students have fun.  Watching the happy faces of all the people we have taught over the years is the reason we still do it and love it so much!
You can also contact Seema through the Fly Right Dance Company.

Lee Paterson

Dancing since: January 2000
Favourite swing dance style(s): Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, 20’s Partner/Solo Charleston, Jazz Routines
Available for: Group/Private tuition, Performance, Swing Dance Choreography, Re-enactment events, DJing.
I found a passion for Swing Dance in 2000 and I’ve been teaching and performing, throughout the UK and Europe, with my wife Seema since 2002. We have run our monthly Swing Dance Social Jump Time in Edinburgh since 2006 and have had the privilege of organising and performing at a considerable number of events over the years. We ensure our classes are always fun with an emphasis on styling, musicality, individuality and a healthy dose of dance history (thrown in for good measure).
You can also contact Seema through the Fly Right Dance Company.

Craig Thomson

Dancing since: 2007
Favourite swing dance style(s): Lindy Hop and Blues
Available for: Workshops and private lessons
Craig started learning Blues and Lindy Hop at the same time and has been trying to figure them out ever since. He teaches Blues and the occasional bit of Lindy Hop and likes to focus on connection and communication between partners in the dance.

Julie Rodor

Dancing since: September 2011
Favourite swing dance style(s): Blues, Balboa and Lindy Hop
I started swing dancing with Lindy Hop in 2011 and discovered Blues, one year later. I rapidly fell in love with Blues dancing, Blues music… and a Blues musician. I have learned in Edinburgh but also by attending many workshops all over Europe. I have been teaching Blues for a year and I like to work on close embrace connection, micro-blues, flow and momentum. I like to teach switch classes where everybody learns to both lead and follow. I also enjoy fusion dancing as I love to combine different styles of dancing such as Blues and Tango.

Jenn Gamracy

Dancing since: September 2007
Favourite swing dance style(s): Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Balboa
Available for: Private lessons and hen parties
Jenn started dancing at the tender age of three with that classic tap number “This is my right foot.”  Since then, she has done ballet, jazz, musical theatre, and various styles of ballroom before discovering Lindy Hop in her first year of university.  Instantly hooked, for the last 8 years she’s been dancing at every opportunity, including various performance teams and competitions around the UK.  Jenn loves the nitty gritty details of lindy in addition to fun moves and of course, air steps!

Carolyn Ladda

Dancing since: 2012 (partner dancing on and off since 2003)
Favourite swing dance style(s): Blues and Balboa
My love of dancing started with social ballroom and latin back during school and my undergrad. Then I moved to Edinburgh and discovered Swing and Blues. Teaching those has been a surprise but I’ve enjoyed it immensely so far.