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Teacher Training Workshop (Lindy Hop)

Join us for a Teacher Training Workshop at Inch House Community Centre*!

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This workshop is for all Lindy Hop teachers - regular, new or aspiring - who would like to learn more about the fundamentals of the dance and the different ways they can be shared in class. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you're a regular teacher for one of the Edinburgh groups or you're a new or aspiring teacher, or you're travelling in from a nearby scene. We'll be structuring the content around the syllabus for Edinbop's Foundations classes giving us a clear list of content to work through, however we're expecting the discussions to expand and cover more than this so please don't feel you have to be a member of the Edinbop teaching team to be part of this! We believe that sharing ideas between the different groups is beneficial to us all!

The workshop will be split into two sections:

Section 1) Moves and Stuff
- We'll talk about and practice the core moves that are done in Lindy Hop, showing some variations and styling tips, and working to help you settle on your preferred way of following/leading them so you'll know how to talk about them in a teaching role. We'll pay particular attention to ways for followers to understand and work on their dancing since we know that it's all too easy for classes to be skewed towards giving leaders tips and advice.

Section 2) Teaching Principles and Strategies
- We'll discuss underlying principles of teaching, theories of how people learn, what people come to dance classes for, and different ways to teach a successful class. There will be opportunities to practice teaching and getting feedback (for those who would find that useful).

This workshop will involve a lot of discussion so please come with questions if you have them and be ready to both give out and take in ideas. Lindy Hop is spread and maintained by people coming together and sharing, so we'd like this day to be all about collaboration


£10 per person

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*Inch House Community Centre may show up as Inch Community Education Centre on google maps