Do I need a partner?

We rotate partners throughout the class so you don’t need to bring your own!

When can I join?

Edinbop classes are drop-in so you can join at any time. There’s no need to pre-book and you can join us whenever suits you. The only exception is our Balboa Fundamentals classes, which are taught in 2 month blocks; see here for more details of when you can start.

What clothes should I wear to classes?

You can wear anything comfortable that you can move around in. Layers or a change of shirt can be a good idea as it can get hot on the social dance floor! You want to have your full range of motion when you dance, so go for clothing you can comfortably lift your arms above your head in, and turn around in without it riding up or falling down.

Do I need to dress up?

Lots of people like to dress up for socials but there’s no pressure to do so if you don’t want to. Long hair and necklaces can collide with people’s faces and get caught in watches etc so it’s best to keep long hair tied back and leave any big jewellery at home. Similarly backless tops and dresses can be really pretty, but in partner dances we often need to connect across eachother’s backs, and some people find it uncomfortable to connect with that much skin contact.

What shoes should I wear to classes?

Flat shoes not only look cool, but they allow you to really move on the dance floor. We recommend flat shoes, especially when starting out for the safety of you and other dancers! Lightweight plimsolls are ideal and very inexpensive. Leather or suede-soled dance shoes are also a good option as they allow you to turn smoothly on the floor. Toms and Keds are popular options in Edinburgh.

Balboa followers often prefer to dance in leather or suede-soled heels because it helps their connection and makes turning easier. But, this is absolutely not a requirement, so only do it if you’re comfortable with heels. Rubber soled high heels and stilletos will actually make it more difficult to dance Balboa, and will endanger other people’s toes on the dance floor, so please don’t wear them.