Edinbop 2019 AGM

The Annual General Meeting of Edinbop is your chance to find out what’s been going on behind the scenes for the past year and vote on next year’s Committee members. Several of our current committee members will be leaving the committee, and we are looking forward to welcoming some fresh faces to join us!

We will be holding the AGM at 9pm in the Main Hall, immediately after the Improvers+ class has finished. We aim keep the AGM to 30 minutes maximum and encourage as many Edinbop attendees as possible to attend – this is your chance to shape what happens over the next year.

Members are voted onto the committee for 2 years at a time. There’s no need to run for specific positions on the committee as these are decided at our first committee meeting – so if you want to get involved, but you’re not sure how, this is the perfect opportunity! Roles on the committee are what you make of them, so if you’re enthusiastic and have some great ideas for events, or simply want to do behind-the-scenes work keeping our website up to date, there’s something for you.

The kinds of things you could get involved with are:

  • Teaching coordination

  • DJ coordination

  • Website & social media

  • Events management

  • Graphic design

  • …anything you’d love to bring to the Edinbop community!

If you would like to run, please get in touch with us by emailing info@edinbop.co.uk by Wednesday 20th November. We will then be publishing a list of who’s running a week before the AGM.

In line with feedback from last year, this will allow any objections against those running to be lodged privately before the AGM on the 27th.

We look forward to welcoming all the new members to the committee!

- Edinbop Committee*

Christine, Ellen, Suzy, Kayleigh, Bonnie, Rob, Étienne and Iris

Photo Credit: Philip Gillespie

Ellen Mears