First Bluesdays

The Edinbop blues team are starting a new trend- First Bluesdays!

The first Tuesday of every month, instead of our usual classes, we have one two-part class. In the first part (7-8pm) we'll learn some of the building blocks of blues dancing and in the second part (8-9pm) we'll combine and apply them in new ways. If you're new or rusty, doing both hours is perfect for easing you into social dancing (you can do just the first hour if you prefer). If you're a more experienced dancer, First Bluesdays are great for meeting enthusiastic new dancers and honing your skills (you can optionally join us for just the second hour).

Pricing is the same as usual (see below). If you're looking for that push to finally start blues dancing, this is it!

£10/£8 for both hours + social dance
£6/£5 for one hour + social dance
Or use a Dance Pass Card for less than the price of a single hour

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